Whte Definetely!!!!
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mint green would be cool. or you could get a black one. or white on white is also cool.
Black or like that Pearl Blizzard color.IMO thoughs look great on white.Or for a vintagey look Tortise Shell looks great.
Black goes well with everything pretty much. Red might look nice too. Or Tiedie.
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Black like Jake E Lee. Or Mint Green might be nice, but if it was me, I'd go with black.
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Pearloid pickguards are kinda cool, mirror, that mint green sounds neat, possibly turqouise or blue. Can't go wrong with tortoise shell or cream/vintage white though!

A thread a while ago said if you want to age the look of the guitar or pickguard put it under flourescent lighting. If you want the white pickguard to be more vintage colored along with the guitar you could put it on a closet with a blacklight or flourescent tube lights for a few weeks to a month.

ALSO: If you have a buddy with photoshop or someone on UG is willing, they might be willing to give you mock pics of your guitar with different pickguards.
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Tortoise shell FTW!
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Cream Fenders look great with black pg's.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
I have a mint green one on my off white strat. Looks cool
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