So, coming up around next year, someone will be producing a CD for my solo project, depending on how my band is doing (a band I am in with others) I will be doing gigs and such around here.

I was wondering what gear would be good to use for something like this... What are you suggestions for these...

1. Something that will play a backing track while I play and do vocals over it. It would have to be of quality enough to where it can be mic'd and so forth.

2. A guitar that would produce almost acoustic clean tones, but at the same time be able to do some pretty good distortion for leads and heavy rythem.

3. A mic that would be high quality and not capture my breaths too hard, or blow out too hard.

I am open to any and all suggestions you may have. Or tips if you have done the same...

Thank you!
What I would suggest is you find some willing musicians to form a backing band for you. If they're quality musicians they won't mind just being some live giggers for you.
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As far as the guitar goes then you should get a guitar with an EMG 81 in the Bridge and a good clean tone pickup (i cannot think of one immediately) in the neck, also what amp have you got, because alot of tone will depend on that