Hey guys I was wondering what you all thought of the Gallows? I really like them but are they true punk?
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Isn't it just Gallows? They're ok, from what I've heard.
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Pretty good. Saw 'em at Warped.
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I love The Pit.
i cant stop listening to abandon ship! I wana cover it in my band but my singer cant sing it very well.....
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^Rubbish lyrics But most sxe lyrics are anyway.

Anyway the Gallows are alright, they live near me so I've seen em a few times. They are good live band and they have some cool tunes, but they have fallen victim to the dreaded hype-machine which isn't a good thing. But they are good it's just I find their songs/lyrics a bit repetitive.
great band, really solid album. i think music needed something like this to wake people up. normally if i hear a punk band on the radio i get a bit suspicious but there's something really satisfying about hearing 'in the belly of a shark' blasting out of the radio in my work at 11am.
Lead singer went crazy at Warped in Mansfield and jumped off the stage to attack some kid. It was amazing
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They're a tad bit overrated but there's something about them that I can't get enough of.
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They annoy me. The vocals bug me. The whole band bugs me.


I'm not entirely sure how they got labelled as punk really. They sound like some sort of bad metal attempt.
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i cant stop listening to abandon ship! I wana cover it in my band but my singer cant sing it very well.....

Same here...my favorite song from the album. I'm not a huge fan of many punk bands (the only punk-related music I listen to is from Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, and The Offspring) but I recently listened to that song and it got me into them.
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Gallows f*cking suck, they're the archetype of everything wrong with not only punk music but music in general:

- They look like c*nts and their image is boring as f*ck. I don't want to pay good money to see f*cking weekenders with guitars.
- Their songs f*cking s*ck.
- They pride themselves on being the loudest band in Britain, over any kind of musical substance. The previous band to have that title, Spinal Tap, were charismatic and had good material. That's gone out the f*cking window.
- At least one of them is a skinhead.
- The vocals are of the comprimised modern sh*t variety.

I'd be able to add more on the subject, but last time I heard them I couldn't play guitar for three days, they sickened me that much.

F*ck them.
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there used to be a great venue in birmingham called the Gallows but it got torched
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I've never heard of this 'gallows'
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Rancid are the best punk band ever.

Tim Armstrong is a songwriting genius, is a complete fashion diva and has an incredible singing voice.

He doesn't sound like Opie from family guy at all.
I looked them up and really don't think this belongs here.

Try the hardcore forum, or maybe even modern rock.

PS. not a fan at all.