Alright i was playing gh2(haha sorry everyone) and the song jordan by buckethead i was loving the sound he produced from his guitar, eventually i saw a video of him playing it, but i noticed it wasnt a pedal effect he was using for that sound he just was repeatedly pressing a button on his guitar while he tapped, i tried to find what the hell he was doing and i found out he was using a "killswitch." Now i was wondering if anyone would know how to mod my guitar with a killswitch, many thanks if you can help me.
do you have any experience in gear modifying?
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if you have an epiphone or gibson, you can turn one of the knobs all the way to 0 and switch between treble and the rythm pickups. thats what i do because the thought of actually going inside my guitar makes me queasy.
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Oh thanks, thats good because i do have an epiphone, thats helps a lot, and sorry i didnt know there was a thread for killswitches thanks.