Yeah I don't know what the hell this is, but it's awesome.

C4C, as per usual.

Edit: Since no one seemed to be a huge fan of the outro I changed it to a dueling synth/guitar fade out type of deal.
Cool new song.zip
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that main lead riff sounded like the xmen theme tune or maybe thats just me? anyways that was a genious song
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that main lead riff sounded like the xmen theme tune or maybe thats just me? anyways that was a genious song

You didn't listen to the midi did you? Because I accidentally uploaded the wrong one.... >.> I fixed it now though. If you listened to the GP, thanks for the crit.
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Haha, oh my god, this is amazing. When it got to the synth part...wow. I seriously started laughing out loud.

Umm...only thing I can say is I would change the harmony on the tremolo part at 49 to thirds instead of fourths--it just doesn't sound right--and work on the transition to the outro. It didn't sound quite right. I think it's the drums.

Yeah, good job, man. Very different and entertaining. There's a band on myspace that this reminds me of...they're two kids from Oregon called The Forgotten Archetype. You should go check them out.

And check my songs out in my sig if you like.
Critting as i go

Nice intro sounds cool with the keyboards
AMAZING solo intro!
Pretty good so far
I like the little fills
HOLY CRAP insane shredding at 68!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss
Yeah i agree how you say "Yeah I don't know what the hell this is, but it's awesome."
I think for that type of song the outro should be a little better just so its not like "Everything was good but the outro" Because thats the last thing the listener hears so might as well make it good.
I'm giving you a 10/10 just because the keyboards were beast.
Crit Mine (you probably already have but whatever)
The intro is pretty cool... so is the solo.

I don't really like the part at 49, it's kinda boring for me.

Bar 83. That is ****ing amazing.

Hm, my crits are usually longer than that, but... I dunno, it seemed like a pretty short song.


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man, you seem to have a lot of talent, this is the third song I've critted by you, and i really can't come up with anything bad :S
i really like the intro and the synth part (by synth part i meen when the synths are in harmony and theres like, 2 other synths doing a cool lead thing, then it goes all funky, which is just too cool!
the guitar synth dual is really intense
once again the ending probably could have been better, but it's still fitting, really nice tab dude
I dont care what it is, it was catchy as hell.

Everything was good. Record it, it would be amazing.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
I can just picture some peewee herman lookin dude sitting at his computer for hours making this song with a midi program
^ OK?
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No what?

Did you really need to revive a sixth month old song just to say that? lol.

Wow, I really think this is a terrible song now.
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Very, very catchy tune... really enjoyed it.. I would love to hear that played with real instruments.

Rock on!
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i thought it was pretty kl
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Dance metal is definitley the right thing to call it. It is so cool in its own little upbeat way. The middle is my favourite. The solos are a bit typical for my liking, but they get the job done. Basically, it was cool at the beginning but then it widdled down to alright at the end. For that I give you 8.5/10. I'm sure this was just a song for ****s and giggles but it was still great.

Crit mine?

Got me liking this from the intro, that chord on the vocals went very well into the intro riff.

The triplets in bar ten give a real SLAM feel to it, like POW, HARMONIES ARE HERE, BITCH! which is good.

The dual solo from bar 19 hit the mark perfectly, I liked that.

The bit in bar 27 I actually, genuinely, love. That's amazing, that melody just soars out there. And the drums are seriously letting me know where that beat is.

Bar 43/44 is wicked. Usually throwing in a few bars of piano can sound kinda daft. Yours just sounds... well, wicked.

The riff in bar 45 is good... the harmonies when it repeats are also good... but then the riff plays through again with the harmonising? I didn't like that, you made the riff play out three times... just didn't sit with me.

Liking the fill in 53.

Bar 54's riff is really good, but I didn't feel bar 58 seemed necessary.
The variation in bar 63 was kinda cliche... but it went well... and I really dug the solo over it, epic.

Bar 75 = wicked arpeggios. Bar 83 onwards is practically a dance anthem! =D
In bar 95 I am expecting some guy to run out screaming MORTAL KOMBAT but nobody did... if you could somehow work that in, that'd be good =P

Bar 97 has a good run, into a pretty damned cool solo, with all the right harmonies.

That lead melody from bar 110 is awesome, by the way, I really liked it, my only problem was that you faded out... which is a pet hate of mine.

Hell, 9.5/10, this piece ruled.

Sorry I didn't crit. the solos so much, I've never got the hang of writing solos, so I can never really say much about them.

Crit mine, if you got some time spare?



Bars 83-97 can stand up to any old school Megaman theme

the notes in bar 91 sound better with regular vibrato rather than wide vibrato IMO.