I always used D'addario's on my Ibanez SZ320, and my Fender had Fender strings, I always liked them, but, then eventually, used D'addario's on them too (.10's).

But now I bought a second hand Jem 555, and well, it has elixirs on it, and, the guitar sometimes sounds, weird, perhaps detuned a bit, but if I check, she's in tune (she keeps in tune very well according to my tuner).
Can it be that it's just the strings that make it sounds a bit weirder, or, is the trem just bad ? Cause it's mainly the low E-string that sounds weird, ow jeah, btw, the elexirs are .09.

Are ernie balls a good alternative, or should I go back to d'addario ?
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I absolutely hate Elixirs but I don't know about them affecting the tuning of your guitar, you might want to take it in and have the intonation checked.

Ernie Balls and D'addario's are both good choices. I use D's. So I'd suggest those.

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I thought Elixer's were always high-quality strings.....I use Ernie Balls, and they do a good job of staying in tune, and dont have a weird sound right after u put them on. It might be something to do with the trem, or the locking on it.
D's and GHS Boomers are what I use. I sometimes put Fender Bullets on my Tele though.

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I know elixir denies it as do others, but the coating is going to make some difference in sound. Just like different metals and different ways of putting them together makes a difference. I used em for a while. But got tired of em breaking all the time. I wasnt the little strings breaking either it was the wound ones. I know Im hard on strings but havent broken a string since stopped using them. And my guitars sound better to.
i love elixers but i hate spending the crapload of money on them.

if you want REALLY good strings get ernie ball super slinkys

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