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None. I'm ready to go.
5 10%
1-10 mins.
15 31%
11-20 mins.
12 24%
21-30 mins.
9 18%
31-40 mins.
7 14%
41-50 mins.
0 0%
51-60 mins.
0 0%
An hour or more.
1 2%
Voters: 49.
I just finished a rather succesfull practice session, and my fingers were buzzing, and I was at the top of my game, and I just was wondering how long it takes you all to get there, in other words, how long do you need to warm up to be your best? For me I'll sit down and immediatley try to play (insert random highly technical song) and everyone here would have the urge to kick me. But after a good 30:00 of nice warm ups, I'll melt your face. So, how long does it take you?

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my warmup time varies. If its been a cold day it can take me about an hour, whereas if i'm energetic and ready to go, then about 15 minutes. Usually about half an hour though.
I usually spend 10 minutes wanking off my guitar to warm up, but sometimes it's after playing guitar for 4-5 hours in a day (having nothing else better to do), that I feel my playing has upped a notch.

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It takes me 10 minutes to get my guitar up to full, about 10 to get my voice warmed up, and 10 minutes of mental preperation. So about half an hour
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30 minutes to an hour. Depends on what I wanna play though, if its something like blues I'll be ready to go in ten, but if its intricate progressive rock I'll take an hour.

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I oput 1-10 minutes, but I'm rubbish, so I sound rubbish with a warm up or without.
I just keep trying till my bends sound full and the guitar stays in tune, then I start making stuff up. -_- I'm the same as MightyAl.
I actually find if I start off nice and slowly I get more into it. If I just pick it up and go WIDDLE WIDDLE sometimes it doesn't get me off to a good practise session.

Generally speaking though, 30 minutes. I believe it takes skilled guitarists at least 10 to warm up. I have a friend who isn't exactly a clean player and he says he doesnt need to warm up for 1 second, so.. Yes.
I find the best way to warm up is to play for half an hour, then leave it about 4 hours. Whenever I get back to it I'm epic. I think it's because you've got your fingers working earlier but they've also had time to rest.
About 10 minutes for bass because I'm used to it (having learnt it for longer). More like 15-20 for guitar.
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