hi as anewbie whats the easiest way to learn tears in heaven on acoustic.
You are fingerpicking I assume?

If you are using a pick, ditch it. After that, just work on it. If you have looked at basic fingerpicking videos on youtube (there are loads) it should be alright.
im tryin to finger pick but im not 100% sure on understanding the tab for it...
What don't you understand pal. I'll post the tab, you tell me which bit you're struggling with.


  F#m        A(onE)         D(onF#)     E7sus4E7    

  A                           A              E(onG#)F#m 
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just play and play it again and again..
then you will get familiarize with the bit ..
one word.
best thing a newbie like yourself (or anyone at any skill level for that matter) can possibly do.
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If u have a friend or know someone that can play it get them to teach you. If thats not possible, get the tab or sheet music which ever you prefer and try to get footage of someone playing it. Watch how they play it n then practice, practice, practice.