Well after a week of bugging all of you guys about what guitar I should get, I finally decided. But before I even list it all off please feel free to comment on if I should do anything else different.

As some of you already know, I'm looking for a good guitar to get me some pretty good progressive rock/metal, metal, and thrash tones out of. I was wanting some pretty good diversity for only spending 800 dollars, and I really wanted a guitar with the Ibanez ZR tremolo system from their S series guitars, so I think I came up with the best solution for versatility for my price:

I'm thinking I will end up going with the 599 Ibanez S520EX - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-S520EX-Electric-Guitar?sku=519964

...but also order these at the sametime to replace when I get the guitar:

For the bridge: the Dimarzio Drop Sonic DP207 (regular black for 84.99) - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-DP207-Drop-Sonic-Pickup?sku=309370

And for the Neck : the Dimarzio Air Norton DP193 (also regular black for 69.99) - http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-DP193-Air-Norton-Pickup?sku=302704

Does this all sound worth the money and the trouble of installing the pickup considering the styles that I play?

And I would like to thank everyone this past week for helping me out in what I'm pretty sure is my final decision on the guitar for me.
Sounds like a scorcher to me
Good choice with the pickups, they'll suit your style perfectly, and they will be tons better than the original ibanez pickups.
and its got a ZR trem, which is one the best currently made
Good choices!
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There is one thing I need to know about those pickups though: Are both of the pickups that I listed Passive rather than Active?

Musiciansfriend.com doesn't state if they're active or not, and I don't think I want to hassle with active pickups and the battery switching.
they are passive
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May I suggest Ibanez SAS360FM. Somewhere around $650-750.

Very nice and light. Pretty good fret feel and tremolo system. Has dual humbucking pickups that can be combined into 1. Total of 4 pickups.

good job! maybe replace the strings with some d'addario heavies. that'll get ya a thick tone/heavy tone.
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good job! maybe replace the strings with some d'addario heavies. that'll get ya a thick tone/heavy tone.

I always use D'Addario 11's
I've got a new problem that I didn't think of until just now:

Does anyone know if the Ibanez S520EX needs Regular or F-Spaced pickups?
I won't be able to measure it though because I'm buying it all at once to cut down on shipping costs and I know no one that actually owns one to ask.

Does anyone know of anywhere to check what kind of pickups a specific guitar takes?
it doesn't matter if you use normal pickups on an f spaced guitar, they'll still work fine, i wouldn't worry about it
^They'll be a little muddy though. I would also say never buy a guitar without trying it first, but I don't think you can go wrong with an S, one of the most comfortable guitars I've ever played.
Well I've tried it plenty of times. If the one I order isn't good though I can take it back within 45 days free of charge.

As for the whole F spaced situation, I found out from the John Petrucci forum that someone else was putting in some custom pickups in this same guitar and the neck was fine regular as I suspected it would be but they did end up needing F spaced for the bridge, so now I just need to wait for the check next Saturday then order and wait for it to arrive.

Thanks for all comments and help once again guys.
Anyone else have these two pickups in their guitar so I have an idea what the two are like together?
Bumping this to see if anyone has matched these pickups together themselves, and their results.