I just recoreded the halo theme tune today cos i was bored and my xbox is away getting repaired and halo is coming out soon lol. anyhoo yeah its sloppy and i couldnt remember it all from when i learned it months ago but whatever lol. its in my profil check it out see what you think

Edit: i think ill redoe the leads tomorrow as theyre really pretty **** lol, i need to relearn it cos as you can hear i just made some bits up lol
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Leads are sloppy and the timing's off, but other than that the rest is good- steady chords and the drums are pretty good, so yeah, relearn the lead and redo it
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meh i like the intro, but yeah ill be relearning it and doing it tomorrow, i was kinda just making it up as i went along lol just trying to remember the main parts. also yeah theres some dodgey timing in the tripletty rhythm part so i need to sort that out.
k i just rerecorded teh leads and changed a few dodgey parts in the rhythm i was gonna stick some audio from some cutscenes into the intro but i couldnt get vixy to work to get mp3s from youtube