Singing and playing is hard, but I want to do it. I can either sing the song good and the riff is all out of whack or I play the riff good and I end up singing in meter to the riff and not even realize it at first. So are there any good ways to practice this? Or any easy songs that I can practice on? I want to eventually be able to sing and play Metallica and Megadeth...and Megadeth has some pretty hard stuff to sing and play.
first start by playing a lead sheet- basic strumming and singing. then look into more complex rythyms
I have to admit, thats my Achillies heel too. The part of my brain that plays guitar just doesn't play well with the part that sings. However, I've been told to practice with very basic songs, like chord stuff, just to get the feel for it. Also, intigrate the lyrics with the playing, like when you hit note X you also have to say word X, and if you dont get it treat it like a sour note or a buzz, and keep working it until you get it in sync.
this may be a non common and really rare answer but:

Practice will help
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I can sing and play to anything as long as it's something I wrote myself. When it comes to existing songs I have to practice my ass off.

Wierd I know, but true.
Okay, I'm not going to repeat my answer for this query for about the 12th time. There are loads of other threads about this, just search for them and you'll find plenty of good answers.
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You just keep singing and playing. You should know the song well enough not to think about playing it, and just singing it.
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I just play until it's easy, then singing along comes almost naturally.
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It's like teaching your hands and feet to work in sync. It all comes with practice. Slow down the songs you're trying to sing and play at the same time. Hell, speed them up if it helps. Practice singing one rhythm on one note while playing another on one note/chord.
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It's all about getting the polyrhythms down... In a way it's like learning drums.

Do what you do when you need to learn anything hard.

Take it painfully slow in the beginning and slightly speed up when you get it down.
as unhelpfull as this is.

black metal is really easy to sing n play.
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a song i taught myself with though was heart of gold by neil young
and johnny cash version of hurt
i find it easier to sing and play if i concentrate on the guitar playing more if the guitar part is tricky, but it has its limits. thats why i'm rhythm guitarist in my band...
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Theres an offical thread for this. Search the forums.
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