After my search for an OD pedal, one to do the things my precious 808 can't do, i've come across a few... I wanted one that would take my cleans to that 'almost break-up' tone, and reach to a nice warm JCM-ish crunch.
Now, out of all the pedals i got to try, I found the Zvex box of rock to be the best. by reading, i gather the Fulltone OCD should also be seriously considered .. the problem is there is no place in my country(Israel) to try the OCD- the only shop that sells it has none in stock, and the guy said it'll be 3-4 months untill he gets another shipment..

i can just order it online, or wait..
so, in your experience, does the OCD out-do the box of rock ..?
my amps are Vox ac30 and a 50w plexi clone
the OCD and box of rock are voiced around the exact same thing, a 1974 cranked marshall. The only difference really is that the box of rock has a booster built into it and its 200 dollars more. Get the OCD, its much better priced and its everything you need.
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In my experience, the Box of Rock kicks the OCD's ass- especially if you're using a Marshall. The OCD sounds like an overdrive, but the BoR can be dialed in to sound like your transformer is billowing smoke. The boost is pretty excellent too. The thing the BoR can't do that the OCD does is get a mid-boosted tubescreamer tone.
I haven't tried the BOR, but the OCD is amazing. I have one and it's perfect for that cranked Marshall sound and would be great for that.
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i think sence the OCD is an overdrive it is way more responsive
i know if you pick very very lightly it is kind of clean
that's why i bought it instead of the BOR
I've tried both!

The BOR was nice, and I liked the boost it had too, it was a clear sounding pedal, but the OCD sounded much nicer without having to really tweak, and sounded more cranked Marshall-ish to my ears.
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