Hey guys, i recorded this a few weeks ago, anyway its a funky jam track and i just soloed over it. If you guys could help me out here and tell me whats bad/not so good about it that'd be great. I really mean a criticizatio. Thanks alot. (Btw i have another user name : Shred Masta, i dont know how to delete it but im going to use this 1 from now on, if you could tell me how to delete it thatd be great)

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Title: Funk blues improv

(you can go to www.guitarbt.com for great jam tracks and backing tracks)

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u need to turn the volume up. pretty good. the drums and the rythm go good together, and the lead is awesome, good improvisation. u should enter the blues duel. u are a very talented guitarist, very polished and clean player. keep it up. crit mine,
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Hey first off thanks for the crit much apprrecaited

Just listening to Blues Jam Improv now and I think the volume level is alright it gives it a very live feel at the moment though maybe a little louder might just improve it slightly. But as for your guitar playing man its awesome and I love the tone its really nice. The song kinda reminds me of a John Petrucci solo...

Listening to Funk Blues improv now and same as above for the levels I think. Nice tone again and it all fits well. I like it keep it up, ur a very skilled guitarists
You're from Sarnia! :P That's where my Grandpa's from... It sounded like something you'd here from the 80's I guess.
Thansk alot Mihaeryu, thanks for listening to both

Zex. haha i guess thats cool thats it from the 80's :P thanks for listening.

Anyone else?