Hi guys, I've recently bought a website which is up and running fine, but I want to embed a flash video onto it and I wondered if any of you guys had any idea how, because I don't.

Thanks a lot!

- Charlie
<object width="xxx" height="xxx">
<embed src="URL" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="xxx" height="xxx"></embed>

Where xxx is number of pixels you want it to be in height and width.
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Yeah, well i've got that, but I have the swf file on my desktop, that's what confused me :S

Sorry should have made that clear.

Upload it via your FTP program. Like FTP Surfer. Or do you have a site which you operate from the host's website?
Thanks a lot for the info guys, but I've got a problem....

I've uploaded the file onto the site using the "Webspace explorer" but I'm not sure how I can go about getting the link to the file. I've tried the link I think it must be but it doesn't work.

I'm using 1&1 internet hosting btw, so if anyone could help me out it would be great


Edit - or isit possible to upload using another site? Free hosting or something.

I understand what to do, it's just this 1&1 uploader thing is really confusing me

Edit 2 - FTP Surfer is confusing me also
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