Basically my situation is i've been playing guitar for 2 years this Christmas, feel like i'm good enough to play on stage, am desperate to play on stage. But i don't have a band, mainly due to me liking whats seen as fairly obscure music where i live, i.e blues and classic rock. I know at local pubs, they have some people playing blues and folk and stuff and i know i could do at least as well as them, but have no idea of really how to go about it. Any advice appreciated. Cheers
Man, I'm in the exact same situation except I play folk/rock stuff and my town is full of emo kids...
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Well, I have no experience with this, but contacting the Owner/Manager of those pubs would be the first thing. Then most likely an audition, and if you're as good as you say. You're up and performing. Don't expect to make any money though.
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Get an acoustic set together of originals and covers then call the pubs and ask if you could audition. Also, look for open mics and talent shows. You will meet a lot of other musicians there.

EDIT: In your profile it says your in a band?
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See about sitting in with the people playing in the pubs. IF they'll let you sit in on a couple of songs, then go for it.

Also, do what Pinkhaze said. That's great advice.
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