Just bought the Breedlove AD25/SR Plus and I ought to tell ya'll the story.

I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now and I think that I am done with basics and since I've got some cash flowing in, thought to invest some in a guitar .

So, I went to the Guitar Center and played pretty much all the brands. I wanted a dreadnought since I mostly strum and occasionally finger-pick with a budget around 1k-2k$. I tried Martins, Taylors, Ovations, Takamines, Washburns, Parkwoods, Seagulls, Ibanezs, and plenty others in the price range. Then I picked up the 600$ AD20 SM and it blew my mind! So, I asked the sales rep if they had any acoustic/electrics and showed me the entire Breedlove line of acoustic guitars; starting from 400$ to 4000$. I told him that I've never heard of this brand . Just then he reached up and fetched me the best of their Atlas line, the AD25/SR Plus. First strum and I instantly fell in love with this beauty. It had gorgeous resonance, mellow yet brilliant response and beautiful construction. Not only was the sound mesmerizing, but the glossy rosewood back and the overall finish was impeccable.

Soon, after I asked myself - "Do I want a brand name or something that I would enjoy playing?" Right then...I bought it. No offense to Martin or Taylor owners, but I found them over priced...thats all. They sound amazing, but I spent half of that and still got a better sound in my opinion. There is something about the way this guitar sounds, something thats indescribable...

Anyways...have a great rest of the weekend, while I ponder over how a simple vibration of a string can stir emotions. Walk in peace, my fellow musicians...
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OHH!!! The sweet feelings you get when your guitar shopping and you pick it up and its instantly "My God, i have found another piece of my heart". Whew! It was the same way when i went shopping for a new accoustic, i played quite a few, liked a few of them, headed to the next shop, stumbled across a 12 string FG512 Yahama from 79' and instantly fell in love, earlier that day i had no expectations of buying a twelve string but i am so glad i did. I Love it.
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OHH!!! The sweet feelings you get when your guitar shopping and you pick it up and its instantly "My God, i have found another piece of my heart".

Or the crap feeling you get when you look at the price tag and realise you'll never be able to afford it, ever! Done that with a couple of Martin's and Gibson's.
Congrats on the new guitar there DJCrunkMix. Sounds like a beauty. Breedlove is one of the only brand guitars that install the Bridge Doctor as standard equipment on certain models of their new guitars. If your not sure what that is, have a peek into the soundhole and look to the rear of the guitar. There will be additional wood bits inside connecting the top to the base near where the strap pin would be. If your's has it, you should never have to worry about that guitar bellying, or the bridge lifting.
Yeah, that JLD system is pretty cool. I think that's how Breedlove achieves that sound that is unlike any other. It allows you to have a thinner top(also, the thickness differs in certain areas of the top) and different bracing.
Check this out :http://breedloveforum.yuku.com/topic/366
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"Do I want a brand name or something that I would enjoy playing?"

If it makes you feel any better, Breedlove is a VERY well-known brand and make some of the finest production guitars available... just like Martin and Taylor. So for what it's worth, you got both the brand name and something you enjoy playing

I am a big fan of the AD25/SR+ myself. It's easily one of my favorite acoustic-electrics under $1000... quite possibly my favorite.
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D'ya have any recordings you could put up?

I will post some pictures and a recording soon!
Sounds great, I think Breedloves are the best sounding guitars around.
I have a AD20/SM.
I'm thinking of getting the C25, man does that thing sound awesome. I like it better than the Taylor 714CE, and also the Focus believe it or not. I know the focus is supposed to be better, bt I preferred the C25.
Anyway, have fun with your new toy !