Hey UG,
I'm in the market for a recording program I can record me and my acoustic guitar and then overdub in lead and vocal parts. I'm looking at the Sony ACID Music Studio because the price is right (under $100). If this a good buy? Anything else I should consider buying instead?

Thanks in advance.

Sony ACID:

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I've only used acid a couple of times, but it seemed a bit glitchy and unresponsive.

I'm pretty sure that several of the guys have used it more, so you'd be after more opinions.

If you browse the forums at tweakheadz (google it), there should be some good info about it.

You also have to bear in mind that without a decent soundcard / audio interface, you might as well just be sticking with audacity, do you have any existing other items in your signal chain?
Reaper. Its free and way better than any other entry level program IMO.
When someone asks about a software for recording I always recommend mixcraft 3...mixcraft doesnt support midi yet however the next version will...this is an easy straight forward program thats user friendly...also you can try before you buy...need to buy for $49.95 to share music files and to mix down to mp3 format however you can still test it out for free to see if you like it.

Screenshot and Link here
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I use Audacity. It's free and user friendly. I'm not promoting it or anything, but that's what I use.