suppose i wanna learn some new scales. When u change the chords why is the tab different, will it sound the same as if it were in E to C#/Db. Does it mean its just in a different key of the guitar? also what does the pattern mean, will it make a difference in learning it by 7 or 6? or is it that each chord sound different, im really confused that their are so many chords..someone care to explain. thanks!
Where it says "chord" it should actually say "key" for that site.
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so meaning if its played in different keys on the guitar, it should sound the same right? just where its being played and in what "key"
It gives a different pattern when you switch keys because you only asked for pattern #5, so it changes everytime.
so what is the best pattern to play at? or is it just personally choice?
Scales can drive you nuts. I know some guys like satch and vai can rattle off every scale in every key and every variation. But most of the time you dont need so many. Look what angus has done with the pentatonic. Never heard of a byzantine scale much less what I would need it for. I know I can spend an hour or 2 just going through 3 notes at a time, then 4, then, then six then do em all inverted, then in 3rds, etc for major, minor, and penta. Just as I have seen many different ways to play those scales in different books. I personally like the 3 notes per string for major/minor. Most penta use ive seen is A or E. Dont know if it helps or not. Just dont kill yourself trying to learn every way of doing it. You can know a little about alot or alot about a little.
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so what is the best pattern to play at? or is it just personally choice?

All of them....a pattern is just a part of the scale that appears at a particular point on the fretboard. The scale actually exists all over the fretboard and if you approach it that way from the start you'll save yourself the hassle of being stuck in box patterns later on in your playing.
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Exactly why I always recommend playing the patterns on single strings up and down the neck. Doing so gets you moving outside those box shapes.