I need to pick an amp. Specs should be

hybrid or solidstate
tube only if I'll be able to carry it around, not as heavy as the AC30 (70 or more lbs)
run a couple overdrives/distortion and a delay pedal through it
anywhere between 25-50W

Thanks guys.
budget, styles of music?
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Crate Palomino series. A V30 would work. weight i dont think would be an issue, but if it was, it would be worth it. Itn not nearly as heavy as an AC30. With some good pedals, that Crate will do whatever u want.
Oh yeah. Budget is anywhere up to 750, I play mostly rock stuff, sum 41 and blink 182 kinds, no metal, but I want to try out some blues and jazz soon
then all considered i must agree with the crate v32

edit: wait he said v30. i have no clue about the v 30's are they just black v32s?

edit 2: nevermind just the old palominos really. crate v32 for you
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