I keep hearing over and over again that there are ONLY seven modes: Ionian, Aolean, Lochrian, Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian, and Phrygian. BUT.... the other day, I was on this site and I accidentally typed in "modes" under song names instead of lessons. So, being curious, I clicked on one of the power tabs. It was a lesson on "Spanish Modes," and to my surprise, none of them were the ones listed above, and had really strange names that I couldn't recognize. So does this mean that there are more than seven modes? Could someone please clear this up for me??
Well, think of a spanish scale.. how it is altered from regular major and minor scales, a spanish mode would be altered from regular major and minor modes
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There are seven modes of the major scale. There are also seven modes of the harmonic minor scale, and seven modes of the melodic minor scale. See this thread for info:

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^actually, you can make modes out of any scale you want. But only the three marmoseti said are actually ever used.
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