Jormungand - Zonnewende

New song finnally online, it's Vicking/Folk Inspired Black/Death metal
Check out the lyrics to have a clue what it's about

The production is pretty low, so please don't be to harsh about that,
but still, any kind of comment is welcome!
honestly, I didn't like it that much. The guitar leads were pretty cool, but the vocals were just horrible. I understand low sounding production but the "main" singer sounds like he can''t even keep a consistent voice at all. Plus you really need some drums back there. Just hear the second singer not much better. If anything you should do the pure "Ensiferum" vocals the whole time. The lead playing is great though,......

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Originally posted by J_Dizzle
THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
The problem is we still need a vocal, I'm the dude you here in the begining and I've never really grunted much before we recorded it, and yeah, I can't keep a constand voice:p
and we've got drums, there actually in the song, you just don't hear them that wel sadly
And only the "ensiferum" vocals? hell no! :p