I'm interested in getting into Flamenco style guitar and I was wondering if anyone here knew where a good place to start would be? I didn't find any lessons on this site so I thought I might as well ask. Thanks in advance.
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I would recommend you to find a flamenco teacher. But, if you can't afford one...

If you never played with a Spanish/Classical guitar (nylon strings), start doing so. Then, when you'll get used to this kind of guitar, you could start learning some flamenco techniques (search for videos on youtube or google, or try here http://www.free-scores.com/videos-gratuites-navigation.php?CATEGORIE=999 (I don't know if there are any flamenco techniques videos on this website though)).

But, the most important thing is to get used to the rythm of the many kinds of flamenco dances, called the compas. Every style of flamenco music, like Farrucas, tangos, Fandangos,etc... has a different rythm pattern. If you don't get the rythm, then you won't be playing flamenco music, and flamenco dancers won't be able to dance to your music

So, that's why it's better to find a flamenco teacher.

Here are some flamenco artists : Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Sabicas, Carlos Montoya, Paco Pena, Vicente Amigo...

(Sorry if I make many mistakes, I don't speak english very much)
Yeah, what he said times infinity. You can't stress the important of compas. The problem with compas, is that many flamencos, aren't concious they are learning it, because they learn from such a small age and internalize it, so coming into learn from the outside can prove troublesome.

On the guitar, make sure you get a real flamenco guitar. You have to make sure is has two pickguards. Amongst other thing. Look at this thread:


Read, oh, and btw. I saw your thread in the pit. Be patient man, there aren't people around 24/7 to answer questions, especially about flamenco, which can many time can be hard to answer
Sorry for being shameless, but read the thread confusius posted. It's a start for anyone intending to get into AUTHENTIC flamenco, not the fake poser nonsense.