i have been playing guitar for about 4 years now and im sucking right now. i need to re-learn my scales and keys (i know them, buti just dont practice them) and practice a lot more(i practice usually an hour or two a day). any other suggestions you can give to me?

i also need to improve my rhythm playing.

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Keep practicing as much as possible, and do finger exercises to get your hand back into the mindset of fingering the fretboard, etc. If you need to, pick up a lesson book at your local guitar store and learn some songs to get you back into the groove of things.

To improve your rhythm playing pick up a metronome and practice keeping tempo while you play. Or try and play along with one of your favorite songs while you listen to it.
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improvise, all the time, i dont know about most people here, but i really dont get much from learning a song, it's kind of just a test of skill, i would learn a few scales, and just mess around, especially if you're looking to develop a new style
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Nihil is right, improvising is very good at helping your skills. Try playing an improv'd guitar part over a song that doesn't have a lot of solos or something along those lines.
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i do improvise all the time but the problem is is that its starting to feel "stock". i just need to improve my shred riffing(megadeth etc) and im using the guitar masterclass website to better my playing. and thanks, im going to pick up a couple theory books and a pantera and megadeth songbooks.

also, im gonna buy a metronome too.

thanks guys!

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Again, improvise. Alot.

I made the mistake of getting my fingers used to drop D powerchords.

I'm STILL trying to break my ****ing fingers out of it, STILL working on impro.

Practice the livin' **** out of your scales, learn the feel of every damn fret on your axe.
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Practice in total darkness. Complete, can't see your hand 6" away dark.

Not only will you improve as a guitar player, some of the mistakes you make may sound good enough to incorporate into leads. If you can figure out later how you got there.
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