If you could get only one of the Electro-Harmonix family, which would it be?
I'm looking for the best one.

they are all great at diff things obviously.. but... i would say big muff.. nothing else matches it for my solos... the metal muff/clone 'could' be replaced by others i guesss
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id say a POG. Even tho its about $325, its an awesome effect. Listen to 'Blue Orchid' by the White Stripes. Thats the pedal, not a whammy.
Either the POG or HOG.

I don't know which ones better, but the HOG has some nice synth sounds to it.
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I'll have to say a Deluxe Memory Man.
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metal muff
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Q tron O_o

ya that and/or a big muff :P cant decide
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Muff or DMM.....oh...wait, I've got them.

Probably would be a HOG I think.
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I'm going to go vintage on all your asses and say....an original Linear power booster.
The POG is cool too, tough choice.
Q-tron for sure. or DMM. or Big Muff. damn so many choices. hell if i could i would just put them into one big pedal box.
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