Hey team, i'm just powering through my scales and i've been gettin really frusterated with my High D-major scale starting on my A string 17th Fret. Try as i might i can't get a good clean tone. Can you help me out... somehow? Thanks
Are you talking about your Hellraiser? Because I think it has high-output humbuckers and those pickups have a natural high gain sound. If it's the Strat than It's probably your boggie.
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Press really hard. And if that doesn't work, your fingers are too fat. Making yourself throw up helps. jk, jk.

But does the problem continue as you go up the neck? If so, then you just need to readjust and press harder.
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switch to the neck pickup
or you could turn down the treble on your amp and raise the mids
get a whammy and play it on the seventh fret

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yeah, its on my hellraiser, but i'm using the middle setting for my pups and on my amp i've got it set for a clean setting. But its the higher notes, on my E string looking at the 18-21st frets