Hey, i have a gibson sg standard with stock pups from 2006 and i was wondering if new pickups would greatly improve the sound (noticeably) and if so which ones i should get. I play high gain stuff like thrice and some prog like coheed, but i would prefer some good cleans too.
What amp do you have?

If your amp isn't too great, you'd be better putting the money towards a new amp which will make a larger difference than the pickups.
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New amp would help alot, but if its a good one then yeah, id replace the pups. not a fan of those stock ones. for high gain try something with Alnico V or ceramic?
i don't think it'd need new pickups. more like new amp.

^for high gain, no alnico. it's too warm. ceramic, or EMG.
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we need your amp first, if its a good one, go for '57 classics. classic SG sound.
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