i bought a pair of zeppelin strap locks 2day and wen i was putting them in, one of them ran out of thread and is halfway in. its stuck ther and i cant get it out. has this happened to anyone or does anyone know wat to do?
I bought some zeppelins and they didn't work for me, I bought 2 and wanted to use just one strap but one didnt fit into the other, so i returned them. I actually hated them. Try to find some Shallers instead.

That happened to me And i just used pliers to pull it out.
only one of them is stuck, and i rly like the other one, so i wanna get this screw out get a new screw and redo it, so does anyone know how to do that?
I have Zeppellinn straplocks, work fine for me. It seems with every straplock system something happens, the same thing happend to my friend with Dunlop locks. If u fix the problem they work great.
you need to make sure u have the correct size screw driver and really use ur strength to remove that screw.

if it's out enough, and or stripped, u can twist the screw out with pliers.

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You probably didn't make the hole in the guitar bigger. Get a more appropriately sized screwdriver, and if you can get that sucker out, then get a drill bit that's slightly larger (i mean half a millimetre larger ) and twist it around to get a few shavings out and redo the screw
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