Of similar difficulty to the solo in Paranoid (by Sabbath). I know it's an easy one for most of you, but that's the level of difficulty I need.

If it's in the minor pentatonic that's awesome but it's by no means required. (the reason for that request is that my guitar teacher wants me to bring in a solo this week and he just taught me the minor pentatonic, so I figure it would tie in nicely with what we are doing.)

Thanks a lot.
i have no idea what the song you named is, so i have no idea of the skill of the solo.

but try 4am Forever by Lostprophets.

it's sickk and right now im pretty much addicted to it.
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hm...the solo to iron man...?
I haven't actually tried to play it, but the solo to nothing else matters sounds kinda easy ('tallica)

and maybe hazen street...I dunno what key or mode it's in, but they sound kinda easy
try "fool the world" or "trouble"
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Hmm... like what Metallica solo?

FUEL! It's my favorite Metallica solo, it just has a certain charm to it
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I was actually thinking Iron Man might be good... I might get some tab and check that out. Ride On looks good too... keep em' coming, guys, these are great.
Well if you are looking for not-hard solos try the solos from Fade to Black and One by Metallica, they are fun to play, also Master of Puppets

Also try some AC/DC and Iron Maiden

Fun to play, not too challenging solo's

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Try the solo from Heaven and Hell (by Sabbath also). It was the first solo I learned. It's not easy, but it's not crazy hard either.
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"Forest Of October" - Opeth

Not too hard, fun to play and just sounds evil! Its even better when you have someone to play it with, then you can trade off leads.

"Stranglehold" - Ted Nugent

Its impossible to play this song and not feel like a total badass.
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