Okay, well I would have searched for a thread, however such a name like 'Felt' is pretty much an endless search, so lets just hope there hasn't been a thread made lately.

Anyway, I have recently discovered this group named 'Felt'. Originally I was always under the idea that the underground rap duo of Slug & Murs was 'Felt', but then I hear of this '80s Alt/Indie/Pop group, and I had to check them out. From what I can tell, I am really enjoying it. I plan on picking up a few albums really soon, just a lot of them are rather expensive.

So, anyone else into this band/have something to say? They seem somewhat recognized, but also somewhat really overlooked too. And it kind of makes me wonder how Slug & Murs get away with calling them selves 'Felt' when this 'Felt' came out nearly 20 years earlier, but then again thats different all together.
You could ask the same question about Embrace, how do they get away with the name when Ian MacKaye's band came many years earlier, and were far better.

I've got some of their stuff, it's quite nice, my favourites are 'Forever Breathes The Lonely Word' and 'Me And A Monkey On The Moon'.
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