I'm really not sure if this is the proper place for this, but I'll move it if necessary.

I got a mandolin about a week and a half ago, and I've decided to actually learn how to play it. Does anybody have any good websites with songs or lessons on them?
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The mandolin is mostly played to accompany your voice. You just play any singing melody and sing allong with it. You play it as you would a guitar, except you trill it because apparently mandolins don't keep the sound for too long.

A lot of meditereanean folk music uses mandolins. Think spanish, italian, french and greek songs.

I want a Mandolin because I'm hopeless at hitting the right notes when I sing.
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Tune it to guitar standard and enjoy :P
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Tune it to guitar standard and enjoy :P

Its tuned upside down, compared to a guitar.

e - Highest string
G - Lowest string
www.mandolincafe.com is an awesome site. It has tons of tabs (most are folk tunes) but it does have some other songs transcribed for mandolin.
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I've played mandolin for 5 years now and it's simply great. Keep to standard mandolin tuning though, changing to guitar is cheating! Learn the chords and you'll be doing great in no time.
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Just an upside down guitar. Not much different, I guess.
"The end result - the music - is all that counts"