im having trouble finding websites that sell through-body necks and wings can anyone help me out?
i dont kno anywhere tha would. U could buy a body and then cut wat u need, but idk anywhere that does.
Can you convert a bolt on into a neck through somehow?

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Yes, you'd have to remove the wood from the centre for the neck. Then re-rout everything.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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carvin does premade neck thru necks but u would have to make the wings yourself
The dudes at StewMac have one as well, don't they?

...and according to Carousel, they're easier to build yourself than you might think.
id suggest trying to make one before spending the 250 on a neck thats not very hard to make to begin with. they honestly are not that hard to make.
thanks guys but i already ordered the one from carvin
not much of a carpenter anyway dont trust myself to make a nice lookin neck lol
im not even making the wings im just cuttin 2.25" outta the middle of my old rg