I feel bad starting another thread but I couldnt find the other one I was looking for. Im looking for a good paint supplier. It doesnt have to be rattle can but that would be nice, I have some equipment at my disposal but I can use the rattle can at my house. Im looking for a good fender Ivory color.

Thanks and sorry for it being a reapeat thread.
If you want ivory, get a can of Blonde, and go thick. Finished with Nitro, and you've got a sweet guitar. And out of curiosity, that kind of guitar are you using?
I habe nt built it yet but Im planning on a poplar fender... well its a combination;
a black pickguard, a maple/rosewood reverse headstock strat style, strat v/t/t wiring so the output will be on the side , white dots inlays , and a righty trem.