I wasnt sure to put this here or in GG&A but its really mostly a ? about a new guitar so...
I play a lot of reverbed cleans. Think like RHCP and lots of bluesy stuff but Im trying to expand to include some more hardcore type stuff so basically i need a Metal type distortion. Right now I'm using a Fender Clapton Strat, a Carlson PG-51 and I plan on getting a new tube amp and guitar w/in the next year or so. For the amp I was thinking B-52 AT-212 or maybe the AT-100 stack. As far as a guitar for heavier music I really have no clue. I was thinking maybe an Epi or Agile LP or maybe some sort of Schecter. Im not really a big Ibanez fan so please dont recommend one. Oh and no Floyd Rose. I have one on the Carlson and I love it but i need to be able to do alternate tunigns, in fact i dont need a trem at all, stop tail's fine. Anyone?
EDIT: Dont really wanna spend more than $500 on the guitar. Used is fine.
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B-52 is good. For heavier stuff, id say a Tubescreamer and an Epi LP w/ a 496/500 Gibson pickup combo change. If u cant pay that much, get a JB/Jazz combo.
definately get a schecter those things are beastly, maybe a hellraiser or s-1. As for amp either a mesa boogie or a marshall