In the past, I made a build thread or two, but never made any progress due to parents being unwilling to let me buy parts. Now, I have full approval, so here goes. The body'll have this crappy, heavily relic'd paintjob, sorta like this.


•'62 RI Fender Neck with Locking Tuners. Possibly an LSR Roller nut or a Brass.

•Whatever the hell I can get my hands on

•Same as above. Direct Mount.

•None. (You'll see )

•Fender Vintage Style trem.

As time goes by, and I get more money, I will DEFINITELY upgrade the parts. For now, I just want a guitar that I think is cool.
Copy? No. Create my own...thing? YES. I want make something unique, i'm just using that pic I got from a Van Halen forum as inspiration. But I do like that POS looking finish, if you could even call it a finish.
yah, i know that the pic isn't eddies most deffinally.... it has a middle pickup ^_^ and eddie has exposed wires... lol, but just making sure i got the idea right
Oh, and it'll be like H-S config. I might even do "Frankie" wiring. (That's single coil in neck, CRL switch in middle, and Humbucker in bridge.) Except, the Neck pickup will work, the CRL switch is purely ornamental.
Lol damn ornaments.... but more power to yah man. I hope it works out, I can't wait till i get to build my own stuff eventually

but as of right now i'm still learning guitar... and playing on a beginner epi les lol
I did some kisekae this weekend, and now i'm considering a SRV/ Relic Sunburst.

EDIT: Oh yea, for pick up config, it'll be Frankie's. And for the body, what do you guys think of 2pc. ash?
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sorry but whats a CRL switch? I think you should do it flat black primer with matching headstock and let it get the hell torn out of it
CRL switches were used in vintage Strats, Teles, and a few other old instruments. Like this guy got a CRL switsch from an old 40s organ. But to answer your question, they were pickup selector switches.