So, we've had a few humid days where I live, and today I picked up my bass and my action was all out of whack. So then I noticed that my neck was bowing. So how exactly do I fix this? I figure it has something to do with the torsion rod, so do I like lossen it or tighten it?

I would take it to a shop but, I have about zero cash, and it's only a squier (an affinity one to be exact) so if I mess up horriblely it's not like I'm going to be losing sleep over it. So any help, would be helpful.

You can definitly mess up your bass if you do this wrong so make sure you understand what you're doing before you do it. Once you understand how to do it though, it's not a really big deal. I think that the thread Delerium made about bass maintenance mght have a section on this also.
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even though its "only" a squier, i would just wait till i got some cash. but if you absolutely insist on doing it yourself then...the link that aixelsydevahi posted will prolly help.
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=587147 is the thread that Delerium did. It covers the basics and then some. Still don't quite understand why it didn't get stickied, but oh well..

If you get stuck in the process and / or need advice, repost to this or the bass maintenance thread and someone should be able to help.
It's nice that low end squires at least have a real truss rod now, I went to adjust my girlfriend's old squire p bass and the damn thing didn't even have an adjustable one, there was just a metal bar, no grove for a hex wrench or any weird propriatary tool or anything.

The main thing to remember when adjusting a neck is to take it easy, follow the instructions closely, don't get impatient and over adjust.