i am in a heavy rock/thrash metal sort of band, and at the moment, my fender frontman just doesnt cut it for metal.. i want an amp with build in distortion, and use my pedal as an fx loop instead of using the actual sound of the pedal which sounds bad live..

so yes, randall i have heard are a rip off of marshall, and sound good, tube of course, and crate i have heard nothing about.. are they even a metal amp?

but i saw a crate amp on stage on my g3 dvd that john petrrucci was using, so yeah just figured they were a metal amp..

any help is good, thanks in advance.
Randalls don't really sound like Marshalls, and they're known for their solid-state amps, not their tubes. They make very good solid-state amps, and they're definitely a quality company. In general, I would take a Randall over a Crate.
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You have to post your budget and power requirements.

randall is awesome solidstate. but crate usually comes with alot of effects. maybe better eq. i'd prolly go with crate.
um 100 watts, and around 1500 australian.. and i was looking at a hybrid randall the valve, and solid series..
so the are randall solid state amps better that the randall valve amps?
Depends on what you mean by better. Randall solid states have a decent reputation in some metal circles. I like tubes better. To me they sound better, smoother distortion, warmer cleans, more power than equal wattage ss amps. Everybody says this but I assure you I am not parroting. Are you sure you need 100 watts? Even 50 watts of tube power is very, very loud. I know amps are a little hard to come by down under, so I'll back off and let another Aussie advise you on what's available. I like your avatar.
well i have a 100 watt amp now, and that is pretty good, so i thought id get the same..
Randall make great solid state and hybrid amps. Really high gain and really really tight focused distortion.

100W should do most gigs and try to mic it whenever possible so you're not pushing it too hard.

The G3 Randalls are pretty good but they're really expensive, you should watch eBay etc for a second hand G2 series. They go pretty cheap now and sound just as good as the G3 IMO. The pre-amp tube doesn't make a huge difference really.

That said......

If you have $1500 you are easily in tube amp price range. Watch eBay for a JCM 800 or JCM 2000 combo and you will like it a lot more than a Randall or Crate down the track. Will be perfect for thrash metal/hard rock.

You could maybe even get a Orange rocker 30 or something for about that price.

Or a Peavey Windsor is supposed to be very JCM 800-ish so that should sound nice for thrash and hard rock.

$1500 is a lot of money, you have loads of good options.
im not really into buying anything of ebay, so would $1500 be enough to get a brand new marshall in a shop?? because the only marshalls that i have seen are like $2000 just for the head, and the half stacks are like $3000 on the net..

is marshall better than randall and crate??
If you get tube you won't need a half stack.

A marshall DSL 401 or TSL 602 will be way better than a randall or crate. You can probably get one of them for $1500 new if you have a decent shop near you.

Look at other stuff like Peavey and Orange and Laney and Fender aswell.
DSL 401 barely scratches rock let alone heavy metal so don't get that!
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