About a year ago I picked up a 1993 Gibson SG Standard, and it's been a great guitar - but lately I've been wanted an American Telecaster.

I will also accept money offers on it.

So, I have it up for trade - preferably an American Tele.

There is one ding on the neck, and it is not large.

It also comes with the OHSC.

I just have to say this is a beautiful guitar. I own a Gibson SG Standard, so needless to say, it wouldn't make much sense for me to buy this from you. But I can't resist saying something about an SG when I see one.
i have a very well made american made telecaster its just not made by fender
i have an american telecaster, but it has a hot rails in the bridge and there are dings on it.
Can I get a Demonoid invite if you have a spare one?
so you would consider trading? i pm'd you
Can I get a Demonoid invite if you have a spare one?
how much $ for this guitar?
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I've been GASing for a SG Standard so bad. If I had the money, would you accept $500-$600?

Well, my whole family did say something about them all pitching in for a guitar for my birthday (it's not till November, but they asked if they could get anything before then, it would save them money)
I have an Ibanez SC420 for sale/trade. It's discontinued and about 2+ years old. When I bought it is was $750 in musiciansfriend. I also have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard cherry flametop with a hardshell case. Let me know if you are interested. I have pictures but they are with a cameraphone. Google will show you what they look like.
I have an 88 USA Tele i will trade it is mid night wine with rosewood neck in great condition can send pics and refs only deal within the USA

flyngtr at hughes.net