hey guys,

so i was practicing/playing/messing around, whatever you wanna call it, just about now.

now anyways, i can generally play everything pretty fast, sweeping especially i sweep pretty cleanly, and pretty fluently.

but for some reason, just now i could barely sweep at all, and it was really messy for some reason. i could barely hammer on the top note and go back down, and everything was really sloppy.

and the last time i practiced was yesterday, so it's not like i've gotten rusty or anything.

any ideas why?

i just played for about half an hour, mostly just working on cleaning up my sweeping which as of right now, SUDDENLY got ALOT messier. i tried fixing it, and it's still way worse than i usually do.
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Btw, I don't spell it doughnut, because that spells duff-nut.
sometimes you just good and bad days, where you are better than you expected or worse. nothing to be scared about really.
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yea.. dude, dnt think its the end of the world, i cant sweep yet.. but the point is that EVERYONE does have an odd day everyonce in a while.. like the guy said above me

little update:

so yeah, at first i thought i might have been having a bad day

but it happened to me again just now

Quote by SeveralSpecies
Btw, I don't spell it doughnut, because that spells duff-nut.
Stress can REALLY affect everything about you. So, the fact that you are worrying about it will make it even worse. Just let it go and take a few days off. If it's still not workin right, slow down and build your speed up again.
just go hang out for a while, try again tomorrow, that happens to everyone.
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