I don't know the exact ad, but I traced a recurring infection to Ultimate-Guitar. I like this site and community, BUT... the following were installed on my system by way of the UG ad banner.

Exploit: HTML/IframeRef.gen
Trojan: Win32/Small
TrojanDownloader: Win32/Agent.ABZ
TrojanDownloader: Win32/PurityScan
TrojanDropper: Win32/Agent
Adware: Win32/ClickSpring.OuterInfo
Adware: Win32/ClickSpring.PuritySCAN
Adware: Win32/MaxSeardh
BrowserModifier: Win32/Matcash

The bugs were installed by exploiting a JAVA vulnerability that allows the code inside the banner full access to your system.

Results: Regular pop-up ads (no clicks required). "OuterInfo" is added to the Microsoft "allow pop-ups" list. You Web browser is hijacked. Your system generally runs slower with at least 4 programs monitoring your keyclicks and browsing habits so you can be targeted.

The attacks are directed through a QuickTime vulnerability that was discovered only a few weeks ago.

To avoid future infection I recommend going to Apple and update yoru QuickTime plug-in as soon as possible. If you already have the bugs on your system, I recommend going to one of several free scan/cleanup sites. My favorite this week is a new one by Microsoft found at onecare.live.com.
Thank you, contributing citizen.

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Good advice, I like how you didn't freak out and you actually gave advice on how to avoid it instead of saying something along the lines of this.

"F'ing Ultimate Guitar can't you just freaking remove the ads!??!"

Just a little word to the Firefox users.
If you use Firefox get Adblock Plus


It's a good step to avoiding things like this.
QuickTime vulnerability eh...
/me looks around then proceeds to write malicious code to take over zapp's title as king of UG.

Thanks for the info man

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Wrong forum man.
Site Feedback would be the place to go
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Yeah that almost happened to me twice, but I have AVG.

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Yes - Posted to Site Feedback first but thought letting people know about the problem, the vulnerabilities, and how to close the vulnerabilities was a good thing.