i need a song to learn, that is not incredibly hard, but not too easy.. recently i have tried learning songs that are too hard that i give up on, or too easy, that i dont even bother to learn..

also would be good if it had things in it that can develop techniques, to improve my playing..

i have been playing for 2 and a bit years, and can do sweep picking, some shred things like sextuplet runs, and hammer-ony pully-offy sort of things, but yea i am a fairly average guitarist..

so if someone could reccomend me a song that would be great..

also i like metal, and rock and listen to john petrucci, dream theater, vai, satriani, hendrix, paul gilbert, racer x, all that sort of stuff.
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Limelight - Rush

Forces you to think in odd time signatures. That's a good technique to have. Odd chord voicings will improve your rhythm guitar and the solo is moderately difficult to really nail.
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nah i dnt no castles made of sand, i havent found any good tabs for it, but i mite look into it..

and no i dont want wine thanks, i dont like it.. wtf???
i havnt heard any rush except that yyz on guitar hero lol.. mite also look into that
dream theater?
in the presence of enemies.
or canon rock.
or tornado of souls by megadeth
Satriani's Always With Me Always With You
Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover

If those are too easy let me know...
yes they are some good suggestions.. im gonna have to look at some tabs to tell u if they are too easy but, i think they might actually be to hard lol.. satriani stuff is kinda hard, like the solos and stuff.. dream theater stuff is good to learn ive learnt a bit of their stuff..

An easy one to learn is Given up - Linkin park, I'd suggest the power tab version beacuse it's the closest I've seen to the actual thing, unless my version gets accepted Though it could be too easy for you, it probably will be cause if i can play it...