So does anyone know what amps and effect pedals Brendon Small used to record the Dethalbum? I'm pretty sure he used EMG pickups but I'm not sure about anything else he used. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
The most Metal Album ever. Trying to replicate it would be like trying to redo the Sistine Chapel. You just can't.
Wow, that was really helpful, lol and hearing it from Skwisgaar himself makes it even better! Thank you.
kranks, gibson explorers, and line 6 pod ext live, i think
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actually i just realized i need to know where i can even get krank amps, cause i don't see them on guitarcenter.com, if any1 answers, thanks.
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krank > you

that **** will put a hole in your pocket, and your soul

ya there's a small chance i will even own a krank amp, i'll just have to settle with another amp, not that big of a deal.