Verse One:

Here I stand, in the
Rain that falls
All around me

My clothes are drenched,
My hair is wet, and I'm
feeling pretty cold.

I'm waiting for the sun to
dry me off, but theres
no end to the storm in sight, so I'm


Waiting for someone to
Stand with me
Are you willing to
Stand with me?


Stand with me
Stand with me, the
Mourner loves his
company. As the

Rain comes down, could you
Help me up, 'cause I
can't do it on my

The storm with pass and the
sun will come, will
you be by my
side? when the

Storm comes back I'll
Stand with you, I'll
Help you until you're

Verse 2:

Now as I lay the
Storm quickens, adn the
Waters rising

It's getting hard to breathe, I'm
Starting to drown
Where are you?

I'm waiting for a hand, but its
not coming
I lay alone.


I know it's not particularly profound, or anything, but this song is mostly about getting through tough times, and how its nearly impossible without the help of a friend. The verses use a descending progression in the key of Am, and chorus is in C major. Thanks!
"If faith is the answer we've already reached it
and if spirits a sign, then it's only a matter of time"