I play a lot of Pearl Jam and Collective Soul and stuff like that, but Ive been listening to a lot blues lately and I want to know what an easy song to start out on in playing the blues? Ive been listening to Eric Clapton, SRV, and Johnny Lang. So what would be an easy song to learn by one of them?
Wonderful Tonight isn't really blues. more of 70's pop/ballad. Layla acoustic is okay, but it's not traditional blues. it has too much rock elements. it goes from D in the intro/chorus, and then C# for the verses.

I'd suggest Crossroads - cream (robert johnson), cold shot - SRV, key to the highway - derek and the dominos, have you ever loved a woman - derek and the dominos, pride and joy - SRV, stuff like that. 12-bar blues.
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