I know LOG use it but I was wondering if the Mark IV can reach the Necrophagist and Suffocation territory because I hear all of these things that the Mark IV has TONS of gain and can get any tone you want.
to me, it sounds like necrophagist doesn't really use much gain. if they did, you wouldn't be able to hear some of the crazy **** they do. i've never heard suffocation, so i can't speak for them.
So do you think the Mark IV can nail that Necrophagist tone then? I sure hope so since Ive heard the Mark IV does metal great.
Dude for **** sake, this is not a chat room, you have to give us time to respond.

You posted the same thing in the other forum so you should leave it there, thats where its meant to be and you will be better responses, if no one answers where its meant to be , what gave you the idea people would answer it here?

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