Hey, I am amateur singer who needs help at finding my own voice, so I was wondering if anyone knows how can you find your own voice and style? Do I try singing and mimicking artist who match my tone and range, or should I try mimicking just any artist I like and then adjust their style to my own?

P.S: Some people say my voice sounds like R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Pop; however, I love singing rock, so should I even try singing in the style of rock, or should I stick to singing in a style that fits more towards the sound of my voice?
All you have to do is talk/sing and listen, and youll hear what your voice sounds like. To find your own style, just sing over a variety of genres until you think you fit in one. voila. We cant tell you what YOUR voice fits under if you dont provide a clip, by the way.
Mimick people who sound different that you like, then see which one fits most naturally and work from there.


Tom Delonge
Michael Stipe
Chris Cornell
Louis Armstrong

^ All different voices you should know of - pick whoever you like and practice.