hey guys, i'm looking for a better amp/pedal/pickup to get a better tone from my epiphone sg for $500 (about 410 $US)

At the moment i've got a zoom g2 multi fx pedal, which is alright i suppose, but sellable if need be for another $120, as well as a 15 watt noname bass amp..

What do you guys suggest for this kind of price?

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Get a roland cube or if you wanna be a tube snob get something like an Epiphone valve junior head and cab and then get a EHX metal muff pedal to put in front of it for distortion.

Since you already have the ZOOM pedal I think something like a VJ and distortion pedal would be good since you don't need built in effects and crap like that.
that marshall is a 4203. And its mine

legacy amps from billy hyde and rebadged epiphone amps. Try a 5 or 15 watt from there, with an overdrive pedal