I thought I'd give submitting one of my crummy songs a shot on UG, so here it goes. I wrote this two months ago when I had just moved from Virginia to California and I was facing a large number of problems with my new life. I had left all my friends behind, left an unfinished on again/off again relationship behind with no closure, left my job and all the stuff I've known about my surroundings for 6 years behind, and had to face a totally different environment. I felt completely alone. So yeah...

Canvas of white
stretched across my life
Untouched and clean...
now smeared with red and greens,
to get me through the grayer things.
Touching me in every shade....
but how those colors seem to fade.

Now, I go alone,
with my colors gone.
Canvas of stone.
All my light unknown.

And as humans do,
I'll think of you,
To ease the pain,
and bury shame
All the wasted life, runs down my spine,
and my inner spite, breaks me inside.

And as wise men say, I'll die that way
And the reds will rust,
as all turns to dust,
and as it turns to grey,
In peace I'll stay.
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Some say a comet will fall from the sky...
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