I have a sonata acoustic and cant find a guitar I like better so I've decided to put a fishman pickup in it. One of those where you just stick it inside and it has a tiny mic. And I'm unsure of what kind of amp I need to play live. Whether I should just go with an acoustic or perhaps a standard electric amp. I play Bright Eyes, Elliot Smithish kind of music so I need something I can play slow acoustic songs with but also play fast hard acoustic songs with. I'll post some videos of examples of the difference in music I would want to play for good measure.

Soft http://youtube.com/watch?v=FMMOqA8zqYg
Fast http://youtube.com/watch?v=Xom-QZvxkyQ

Heres my myspace myspace.com/sonofacynic I only have on song up though so I didnt think it would give you much help with knowing what kind of set up I'd need.

I've never played a live gig before so I'm not sure how that works I guess my amp would be miked and ran through a pa. I need a mentor to basically tell me whats what, and put me in my place haha. If that can be done then itd be very appreciated.

Thanks, sorry for the length, and if I come off as an ignoramus.
An acoustic amp would be a good idea. Don't get crap though - a lot of people make that mistake with acoustic amps for some reason. Check out Roland and AER.

Good luck.
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