I am going to get a Boss BR-600 very soon and was wondering if there was anything I should know about it or if there are any better digital recorders in the same sort of price range.

there are alot in the same price range.

ive had my BR recorder for about 4 or 5 years now.
ive used it from a mixer to reord a band, or from mics to record one member at a time. you can mix tracks, bump them to make room for new tracks.

you can record from tv or computer, moving songs from one computer to another.

you can play the drum machine thru an amp and play along. you can line into the machine without a mic using any of a dozen effects. it;s pretty good at making guitars sound high to low. very simple to use system. i was recording with it right out of the box.

i love mine. and it's held up and travelled well.

just note, there's a mini boss recorder, and several others brand out now for a hundred or two less, you should really try to get to a shop to try a few out.
just to see if a cheaper will fit ur needs as well.

edit: also, at the time, boss made me buy the memory card and ac adapter separately. i think it comes with a card now. but if u need an adapter, you might want to check out a visual 1 spot adapter instead of BOSS. those power 6 pedals, for about the same price.

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