Hey guys, we wanted to make a small announcement that pretty soon, probably in a couple of weeks we will have finished our small cover album and it will be available to listen to at - www.myspace.com/paperdreamslivemusic or www.freewebs.com/thesepaperdreams as soon as it's finished. There is no point in visiting those sites now as there is nothing on there, but very soon there will be and we would very much appreciate you guys going on there telling us what you think of our songs when it's done. If there is enough interest and people enjoy what they hear, then please email Dan at Daniel@freemanlive.co.uk and state what city you live in and what venues are near you and we will think about going ahead with a small tour, but we can only do this if we get enough emails. So when we post our notice stating the album is ready, PLEASE visit and get emailing if you like it.

Once again, cheers guys,



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